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The Drahthaar Mailing List

  • History of the Mailing List

The Drahthaar Mailing list was an email exchange list that remailed messages to a large group of drahthaar enthusiasts.  It was in operation from early 1997 through late 2005.  Due to the continuing degradation of email service, largely because of email viruses and unsolicited commercial email (spam), the whole email list concept became unworkable.  Sadly, and reluctantly, the list closed on October 15th, 2005.

Before closing the list, a new form of member communication was created- the Drahthaar Discussion web board.   This is a web-based rather than email-based solution, less prone to the problems that killed the email list.  Currently the discussion group is located at http://p088.ezboard.com/bdrahthaar

Yes, if the problems involved are ever solved.  Personally I feel it will require something that’s coming anyhow- a total rewrite of how email works, to include secure return-addressing.  If and when the email list is ever revived, it will be announced on the discussion board linked above.

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