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Ayla vom Meisenhaus - three shots of Katie and Bill Davis' new pup, Ayla. Obviously, she's got 'em trained well- she seems to own the kitchen already.. :)

Bonnie vom Gottesacker, with ribbon - my younger Drahthaar, Bonnie, at the tender age of nine weeks, with her first ribbon from a retriever test. At nine weeks, she was already doing water retrieves!

Ash v.d. Shawnee, asleep as a puppy - a great picture of Ash when she was about 8 weeks, worn out from playing, passed out in the grass.

vom Meisenhaus pups - Part of the vom Meisenhaus "A" litter, all in a standard puppy pile.

Duke vom Jagermeister - At eight weeks.


Ash v.d. Shawnee - schwartzschimmel female

Ash v.d. Shawnee - schwartzschimmel female

Bettsy vom Sodak - braunschimmel female

Duke vom Jagermeister - braunschimmel male

Emma vom Hinterwald - braunschimmel female


Ash v.d. Shawnee, with goose - doing what she loves best, hunting. She's retrieving a nice Canada Goose in a Minnesota cornfield.

Ash v.d. Shawnee, with duck - Ash again, this time with a Georgia wood duck.

Ash v.d. Shawnee, in the snow - Who says we never get to hunt in the snow here in Georgia?

The South Dakota Pheasant Hunt - Five pictures from our hunting trip to the North in November of 1996, and a link to pictures of two pheasants I brought back and had mounted.

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